The Relevance of the Holy Bible Today

“Who are the Children of God?”

In my last post I said, “In the beginning, God was not Omniscient.” (all knowing)

I also said, “Like any new parent, God had no idea how to raise children.”

Let me explain my reasoning.

As humans we tend to want to humanize everything. We want to imagine the world and everything in it from a human perspective.

So, let me explain this in as much of a human perspective as I humanly can.

We are but one form of life in this universe. The first form of Man is in a form more like God.

Even though the first form of Man was created in the image and likenesses of God, they are not God’s children.

Humans are the second form of Man. We were formed from the dust of the ground.

We are not the children of God.

We are the children of the first form of Man. We were made by God, big difference.

The Heaven and the Earth are two forms of life. If anything can be called children of God, these two life forms can.

I know what you must be thinking, “What’s wrong with this man?

What does he mean heaven and earth are life forms?

What does he mean they can be called children of God?”

There are two Hebrew definitions for the word created. The first definition describes how the second form of Man was created.

(Absolutely) to create; bring something in to existence; cause (something) to happen because of one’s action.

The second Hebrew definition of created is; in the demonstrative sense of entity; properly self; miracle.

The easiest, humanizing way to explain the second Hebrew definition of created is, you know how we humans have a thought? You know like, something just pops into our minds, well, it’s like that but on a “Godly” scale!

In my mind, to humanize the situation, it means God gave birth to the heaven and the earth by “THINKING them into existence.

I could be way off.

Don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourself. Let me and everybody else know what you discern.

There are other children of God. The “Light” is a child of God, in the same way: The demonstrative sense of entity; properly self, miracle.

As far as a “Personage” is concerned, Cain is God’s first child. Yes, the Cain from, “Cain and Abel!”

But, Abel is not God’s son. Abel is the son of Eve. Yes, the Eve from, “Adam and Eve!”

I’m not making this shit up!

This is straight from the bible.

I’m not surprised that you have never heard of such a thing.

Yet, to make my point that, “In the beginning, God was not Omniscient or all knowing and like any new parent, God had no idea how to raise children:

To put it in human terms, “God’s first born killed his step brother!”

Those so called, “Preachers and Teachers of God’s word, who claim to be called by God didn’t bother to question what they read or what they were being told.

They just went along with the program, being mislead and misleading anyone else who was willing to listen to them.

They could have looked up the meanings to any word in the bible by using a Strong’s Concordance which has been around since 1890.

The Strong’s Concordance is a Bible concordance, an index of every word in the King James Version, constructed under the direction of James Strong.

Now, I refuse to believe anyone intentionally fed God’s people misinformation.

I take that back, I know for a fact of someone who intentionally and is continuously feeding God’s people misinformation. I want mention his name at this point because;

“You can’t handle the truth!” Not yet.

I think we as humans are just reluctant to question anyone who claims to be called by God…

What does any of this have to do with the relevance of the bible today?

It answers the question, “Why do we (humans) do what we do?

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